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Start Your Summer Vacation Right with a Comprehensive Estate Plan

Summertime is here and you are probably working diligently on plans for your family vacation. Few things are as fun as spending a few weeks away from home with your family to see new sights and enjoy new experiences, especially if your vacation takes you to other states or countries. While you are working on your vacation plan, though, you should give attention to another important type of plan: your estate plan!

Without getting too grim about the situation, traveling does mean you are away from your normal routines, meaning you may encounter some of the risks that come with traveling. Traveling or not, having your estate plan set up is key to having peace of mind for your vacation and in general.

If you want to have the peace of mind to actually enjoy your vacation, then you should get to work on that estate plan. Knowing what will happen to your property and who will take care of your loved ones in case the worst imaginable happens is never a bad thing. This is true of any situation in which you are traveling a far distance or other, too, not just summer vacations.

What You Should Discuss with Your Estate Planning Lawyer

Before you finalize your summer vacation plans, finalize your estate plan. Work beside a trusted local estate planning attorney to get the “must-haves” out of the way. You might not need to go into fine details for your estate plan before you start your vacation, but hammering out the basics is useful.

Talk to your estate planning attorney about:

  • Who will inherit what possessions
  • Who you would like to care for your children and dependents
  • What to do with possessions you want to donate
  • What medical care you want to receive if you become incapacitated

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