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How to Avoid Probate: FAQs

After someone passes, their estate must usually go through the probate process, so that assets can be distributed and debts can be paid off according to the wishes of the deceased. The probate process can be time-consuming, co...
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A Step-by-Step Checklist for Estate Planning

Do you want to draft a comprehensive estate plan to protect your future and legacy but aren’t sure where to start? Then keep reading to learn which important estate planning tools you need to make sure your property is tran...
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What Should Be Included in Estate Planning?

While there is a wide range of legal tools that you can include in your estate plan to protect your hard-earned wealth and assets, the following are essential if your goal is to pass a lasting legacy onto the next generation. T...
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Do You Need to Review Your Estate Plan?

Building a comprehensive estate plan is an important achievement, but taking this single step and never revisiting the decisions you made can be a serious mistake. Life changes – this simple fact should be enough to motivate ...
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