Legal Services in Grafton

Decades of Experience to Secure Your Present & Future Goals

When you need a team of experienced attorneys who are invested in your future and your success, turn to Kitzke & Canfield. Our legal team is focused on using our comprehensive legal knowledge to help our clients succeed. No matter how complicated or straightforward your situation may be, you can expect to work with a team that is as invested in you reaching your legal goals as you are.

Our Ozaukee & Waukesha county lawyers are skilled at:

If your needs go beyond our focus areas we can help you find competent counsel to address those needs. We have an association of attorneys in the counties of Ozaukee and Waukesha and throughout the state who work with us in Real Estate planning, litigation, personal injury, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and family law. We also have additional resources and team members for clients who need additional assistance in business planning, financial and retirement planning, accounting, real estate sales, and marketing, banking, and many other areas. Take advantage of our extensive network of professionals who can help with your specific needs. ​

Tax Concerns

Kitzke & Canfield, in conjunction with other team members, will help you navigate through the most difficult and perplexing tax issues including capital gains, gift, estate, and income taxes as well as real estate transfer fee concerns. We use a combination of strategies, technologies, and documents that help maximize deductions, exemptions, and allowances to help minimize the ultimate tax rate and financial impact on your family and your business.

Lawsuits & Creditors

With several decades of creditor and bankruptcy experience, Kitzke & Canfield can help you navigate the planning, litigation, and bankruptcy proceedings and help you find quality bankruptcy counsel. In many cases, our assistance and planning can avoid the need for litigation or bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a last and sometimes necessary step when financial disasters strike, but sometimes the benefit of our experience can help you avoid what may otherwise be unavoidable. Call us for more information on options to litigation and start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

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