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Are you concerned about the costs of long-term care and how to pay for it? Are you interested in drafting a will or power of attorney to protect your loved one’s future? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, it is imperative to retain legal representation to handle elder law matters.

At Kitzke & Canfield, we offer a wide range of legal services to assist the elderly. We help our clients obtain the medical care and legal protections they deserve. Our lawyers for elderly legal issues in Grafton can evaluate your situation and listen to your concerns. We can then work together with other professionals to get the services and care you need.

How We Can Help with Elder Law Matters

Elder law encompasses a variety of legal issues which affect senior citizens. It is most commonly associated with elder care matters, ensuring a senior’s well being into the future while protecting their wishes.

There are a range of elder care options out there, all of which have different costs. Ensuring your loved one has funding for a long term care plan that best fits them is important. This planning is best handled with the help of an experienced attorney.

We are committed to assisting families with complex issues regarding aging and disabled loved ones. With more than four decades of experience, our elder advocates can guide you through the intricacies of the law. We can determine whether you or your family member qualifies for government benefit programs to cover long-term care costs.

Our firm can help you plan for and deal with the following matters:

  • Estate planning – We can help individuals establish estate plans to ensure that their wishes are carried out if they become incapacitated or their family members are protected upon death.
  • Medicaid Eligibility (Title 19) – With the extremely high cost of nursing home and assisted living care, it is important to help offset the costs with any assistance available. Medicaid, also known as Title 19, provides long term care funding for qualifying individuals. Our attorneys can protect your assets while maintaining your eligibility for Medicaid.

Our elder law attorneys also answer questions about conservatorship, guardianship, retirement planning, and even elder abuse. Our main priority is to provide the highest level of legal counsel and protect your family’s future.

Protecting Your Assets in Medicaid

Our Medicaid specialists have the experience and knowledge needed to protect your assets from Medicaid recovery. We know the best asset protection strategies to employ that will not penalize you under the look-back period.

The “Medicaid look-back period,” as established under federal law, is a five-year period of time the Medicaid agency will overview to determine your eligibility. Gifted and transferred assets can lead to high penalties for applicants, as well as assets sold for less than their fair market value.

Thankfully, there are many exemptions available under the look-back period. Many Medicaid applicants are unaware that they qualify for such exemptions, allowing them to avoid these penalties.

Some examples of exemptions to the Medicaid look-back period include:

  • Asset transfers to spouses
  • Holding assets in a trust for a disabled or blind child
  • Transferring a home to a child under the age of 21

Our Medicaid lawyers can help you understand your options for protecting assets when applying for Medicaid. We can ensure you qualify and that your house and other important assets are protected from seizure.

Let Us Help Deal with Your Elder Law Case

Our legal team can serve your family’s legal needs for generations to come. We can discuss long-term care options and asset protection strategies to help them become eligible for government-funded services. We encourage families to plan as early as possible to obtain maximum protection.

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