Wauwatosa Estate Planning Attorneys

Protecting Our Clients & Their Families for the Future

At Kitzke & Canfield LLC, we know that our clients are prepared for whatever the future holds when they build comprehensive estate plans. Too many people put off estate planning for various reasons, often erroneously believing that now isn’t the time to be making such serious plans. The reality is, though, is that there’s no better time than right now to plan for what happens to your wealth when you pass away.

Our attorneys can help you with basic estate planning needs or more advanced options for complex estates. No matter how much wealth you currently have, what your family makeup looks like, or how you want to plan for the future, our estate planning attorneys in Wauwatosa can help you realize your goals. Get the personalized level of support you and your loved ones can rely on from Kitzke & Canfield LLC.

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What Our Attorneys Can Do for You

Kitzke & Canfield LLC can help any client fulfill their estate planning needs. Whether you need just the basics in place for now or need an advanced level of assistance to account for a complex estate, our lawyers have the skill and experience it takes to get the job done. Estate planning can be a difficult subject to approach even at the best of times, but rest assured that we can handle your affairs as compassionately as possible so you can feel more confident about the future.

We can help clients prepare a number of important estate planning documents, such as the following:

  • Wills and backup wills
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Retirement trusts
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Healthcare and financial powers of attorney
  • Creditor protection trusts

You need a lawyer’s help when it comes to ensuring anything like the documents mentioned above is correctly prepared to protect your family. Our estate planning attorneys in Wauwatosa have helped many clients with concerns such as yours, so rest assured that we have what it takes to ensure your estate is properly planned.

We Are Dedicated to Our Clients

We at Kitzke & Canfield LLC appreciate that each family has its own needs when it comes to estate planning. You may want to spare your loved ones from having to go through probate, limit your estate’s exposure to taxation, and ensure you can become eligible for Medicaid without spending down your entire estate.

A Wauwatosa estate planning lawyer from our firm can help you realize goals like these with a customized estate plan that takes your unique situation and concerns into account. When you need peace of mind for the uncertainty of the future, reach out to Kitzke & Canfield LLC for help.

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