Washington County Estate Planning Lawyers

Preserving Your Estate & Your Legacy

Although you might not want to think about what will happen to your family after you pass away, it is crucial that you take the time to consider these important matters and determine how you will ensure they are supported when you die. With a strong estate plan, your loved ones won’t have to worry about being left to manage and distribute your assets. But if you don’t have an estate plan in place when you die, there’s no guarantee that your assets will be given to the people you want.

If you are worried that your wishes won’t be carried out after you die, you need to consult with our estate planning lawyers in Washington County to get advice about protecting your interests and legacy. We understand that making an estate plan might seem like an intimidating challenge, which is why we are here to guide you through each step and answer all of your questions.

Do I Really Need an Estate Plan?

No matter how much wealth you have accumulated over the years, everyone should create an estate plan that covers their unique circumstances.

Some of the benefits of having an estate plan include:

  • You can determine how you want your assets to be divided among your loved ones
  • You can specify the type of medical care you want to receive if you become incapacitated or can no longer communicate
  • You can name a guardian for your minor children
  • Your family will be able to avoid the hassle of going through probate

An estate plan can give you and your family the protection and peace of mind you need.

Why Hire an Estate Planning Lawyer?

An experienced attorney for estate planning can help you avoid costly mistakes by providing sound legal advice on even the most complex estate law matters. At Kitzke & Canfield, we know that every family will have unique life circumstances. Our Washington County attorneys provide a variety of estate legal services to meet your individual estate planning needs.

Give us a call today if you need help with any of the following estate planning matters:

  • Trust creation, including revocable living trusts
  • Trust administration
  • Medical directives and powers of attorney
  • Last will and testament
  • Planned gifting
  • Asset protection
  • Estate taxes
  • Business succession planning

Schedule Your Consultation with Our Lawyers Today

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