Fox Point, WI Estate Planning Attorneys

Helping Clients Protect Their Families’ Future

Having a plan in place during life for what happens after you’re gone can mean ensuring your family can feel protected despite losing you in their lives. A comprehensive estate plan can preclude some of the uncertainties or anxieties your loved ones feel when you become incapacitated or pass away. At Kitzke & Canfield LLC, our attorneys are dedicated to providing clients like you with estate plan preparations that can allow you to rest easy knowing your family’s future is secured.

Estate planning services we provide include the following and more:

  • Determining your medical directives
  • Establishing a last will and testament
  • Forming a revocable living trust
  • Protecting your assets

Our estate planning attorneys in Fox Point, WI at Kitzke & Canfield LLC want you to know that your family is safer with a comprehensive estate plan in place. We can help you put one in place that can minimize the uncertainties your family will face so they can focus on dealing with their grief.

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Assisting You with Medical Directives

Your advance directives for medical care could be the most important documents your family and doctors rely on to treat you if you become incapacitated. If you’re no longer able to direct the course of your healthcare because of the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease, a brain injury, or because you’re in a coma, a power of attorney for healthcare can indicate your wishes for treatment.

Forming Wills & Trusts to Secure Your Family’s Future

Wills and revocable living trusts prepared by an estate planning attorney in Fox Point, WI can ease your family’s transition into life without you around by simplifying the process of dividing and dissolving your estate.

When only a will – or none at all – is in place, probate determines how your estate will be dissolved through a series of legal procedures. Court fees can be costly and the provisions in your will are ultimately left to a judge’s discretion, but probate can be an expedient option for people with smaller or more complicated estates.

Revocable living trusts, on the other hand, bypass probate by transferring your estate’s assets and property to a trustee when you die. The trustee then divides your estate among your beneficiaries according to your wishes. Clients who choose this option often prefer to avoid the extra costs and time involved with probate.

Asset Protection Services

Guarding your wealth against a beneficiary’s creditors when you pass on can help your family benefit from as much of your estate as possible. When someone you love has outstanding debts, your estate isn’t up for grabs when you pass on. An estate planning attorney in Fox Point, WI can help you develop strategies to protect the assets from unwarranted claims made by a beneficiary’s creditors.

Asset protection can help you in life, too, by implementing protective measures that can limit what or how much a plaintiff can seek from you in a lawsuit related to your business or a personal injury claim. When you work with an attorney who can help you protect what you own, you and your family can feel more at ease knowing that your future can be a brighter one.

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