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“Band Aid” Solution to Avoid During Estate Planning

There are a few common estate planning practices that provide short-term solutions but create challenges in the long term. These typically include:

  • Pay on Death (POD) and Transfer on Death (TOD) Deeds
  • Beneficiary designations in annuities, life insurance, and qualified funds
  • Designations in business agreements and other instruments which direct payment of assets to certain individuals at the point of death

These solutions typically only serve to direct assets to a certain person or group of people without arranging a solution in the event of any of the following challenges:

  • Loss of essential documents and proof by banks, resulting in probate proceedings
  • Complex tax issues
  • Omission of deceased children
  • Receipt of large sums of money by minors, requiring probate
  • Squandering of assets through gambling, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and other vices
  • Depletion of inheritances by bankruptcy trustees and during divorces
  • Interference with eligibility for government benefits through Social Security, Medicaid, and other government programs
  • Loss of estate prior to death due to illness or other costly developments

At Kitzke & Canfield LLC, we can help you avoid probate, protect your assets, and make your estate plan as strategic as possible. We understand all the potential solutions available to you, and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your options.

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